Micro Boost All Surface Floor Cleaner - Super Concentrate - 8 oz.
Micro Boost All Surface Floor Cleaner - Super Concentrate - 8 oz.
Each bottle makes over 30 16 oz. bottles of ready to use solution.
MicroBoost (8 oz.) with 18 oz. wide mouth spray bottle.

Micro Boost All Surface Floor Cleaner - Super Concentrate - 8 oz.


We got tired of shipping bottles full of 99% water (all floor cleaners are mostly water) to our customers all over the country. It is a huge waste of resources.

After a year of testing and reformulation we have come up with the perfect cleaning solution to use with all microfiber cleaning products. It is an ultra high concentrate of simple surfactants, so all you have to do is add it to a spray bottle with water.

This works out well, because microfiber products require a lower ratio of water to cleaning solution to clean properly. You add just enough solution to break the surface tension of the water, and this enhances the cleaning ability of your microfiber mop pads and towels.

All Floors - All Surfaces

Microfiber Enhancing Formula

Biodegradable - Non-Butyl - Non-Phosphate

Ultra High Concentrate: Makes 30-40 Ready to Use Bottles

A key benefit of cleaning with microfiber is that harsh chemicals are unnecessary. Most cleaners leave a residue on the surface that attracts dirt, requiring more frequent cleaning. Micro Boost is designed to gently work with the cleaning power of microfiber and enhance its effectiveness while leaving no residue. A small amount of this super-high concentrate formula is all you need for environmentally friendly, economical cleaning.

Less is More!

Directions: Add 2 capfuls of Micro Boost to 16 oz of water in a spray bottle. Spray the floor or surface, and wipe with a microfiber mop or towel. Always test a small area first to ensure surface compatibility.

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